Bethel Ridge Church is distinctive for this time in history because we adhere to:

Christian Moral Values

We believe God has designed creation around a moral law (as He has physical law) that reflects His own nature. God does not change, and His moral law is not altered by changing human cultural standards. The Holy Spirit, through the word of God, teaches His Church how to apply His timeless standards to an ever changing world. This application never contradicts His basic moral principles clearly revealed in the Bible.

Our original ancestors fell into disobedience, leaving to their children a spiritual nature called sin that is incapable of satisfying God's moral design. As a result, we all suffer the consequences in our individual lives, in society, and natural environment. God freely forgives as we acknowledge our sin and take refuge in Jesus Christ. He restores us to His fellowship and empowers us to live in accordance with His moral design. (Romans 1:18-2:16 I John 1:7-2:8)