Bethel Ridge Ministry Team

astor Dan Lazicki

Dan is a graduate of Lutheran Brethren Seminary. Prior to arriving in Faribault he pastored churches in Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Dan's wife, Judy, is a Faribault native and plays a vital part in the ministry.

Pastor Steve Lazicki
Steve Lazicki, Dan's younger brother, is also a graduate of Lutheran Brethren Seminary. Steve's ministry was in the nation of Chad in Aftica before moving to Faribault to share the ministry of Bethel Ridge with his brother. Steve's wife, Doreen, also Judy's sister, shares in the ministry.

Teaching Elder, Mark Mattison
Mark is a long-time resident of Faribault and member of the church. In retirement he was called to join the Lazicki brothers in ministrering to the congregation of Bethel Ridge.