Bethel Ridge Church is distinctive for this time in history because we adhere to:

Christian Foundational Truths

Bethel Ridge is a theologically conservative and evangelical church in the Lutheran tradition.

Our mission is to be an instrument of God's love through which our world will come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and follow Him as Lord. We long for people to trust in Him and to come to know Him in a personal way.

We believe the Bible is God's Word... the only reliable basis and guide for faith and life. Our teaching and practice are based on that Word and lie within the secure boundaries of historic Christianity. Our understanding of God's Word is from a Lutheran perspective, centered on the grace of God as seen in Jesus Christ, and experienced by personal faith in Him through the proclamation of God's Word and the sacred rites of Baptism and Holy Communion. Eternal salvation is available to every living human being on earth by God's grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

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